Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo: Creatively Crafted Sweets and Desserts

Over the course of my nearly 3 years in Japan, I’ve been to many bakeries, but my favorite recently has been the Dominique Ansel Bakery located right off the main streets of Harajuku. This bakery creatively crafts sweets, breads, and desserts with influences from all over the world, and is arguably most famous for their blowtorched frozen s’more:

With a delicious and melted marshmallow exterior, the inside contains sweet vanilla ice cream and is in my opinion, the world’s best s’more. Besides this delectable treat, they also have many other sweets you can order for around 400~800 yen each:

A huge variety of sweets and breads to choose from! All of them have a beautiful design and unique flavor!
My personal favorite: The Magnolia Cake! Not only did it have a beautiful design, but it had some really good lemon cream inside.
The square watermelon cake. I bought this one for pure meme factor. Who needs to buy a $200 square watermelon when you could have this beautiful glazed cake?
Tomato bread filled with basil! I was surprised because I thought it was a cake, but it tasted just as good as one!
The infamous frozen s’more after it was blowtorched. It’s gooey, filled with ice cream, and served on a plastic stick to make it feel authentic.
Last but not least, a cookie shot to finish everything off! There is a chocolate layer around the cup so when you eat/drink it, the milk turns chocolate!

Everything that was displayed here looked absolutely delicious–almost like works of art! So whatever sweet you choose to order, it’s hard to go wrong! There may be a wait to get inside due to this bakery’s popularity, but luckily there are a lot of tables and tons of shopping nearby to do if you don’t feel like waiting.

I will be back in the future to see what other aesthetic food items they add!

3 thoughts on “Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo: Creatively Crafted Sweets and Desserts

  1. I went last to taste their famous got chocolate with a marshmallow flower that opens inside. We all had 3 cakes s’more +chocolate drink +watermelon cake for me. I would have loved to try the milk cookie too only it was too much. I’m really going back next year. I saw surprised that it wasn’t really crowded though in harajuku.

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I am so happy you discovered this bakery. I think it became famous because of its watermelon ice cream (in actual watermelon) but I think the cakes are so much better! It sounds like you tried what we did. I hope you can come back soon! ^^

      1. It was so funny because Dominique Ansel is French like me but French bakeries in Japan are so creative and crazy that I make an exception to go there. I’m going back in July.

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