Getting that Bread at LeBRESSO Café

As the primary breadwinner of my family (consisting of my cat and I), I take a lot of pride in feasting on a delicious roll. That includes baguettes, melonpan, cheesy bread, dessert bread, and whatever else I can find in my aesthetic food journeys. I recently stumbled upon LeBRESSO Café in Musashi-Koyama Tokyo, and was delighted at the vast selection of traditional and custom-made toasts they had.

The menu consisted of traditional buttered toast, salad toast, customizable toppings such as almonds paired with chocolate and various fruit spreads, as well as fish (for the less sweet and more salad-like toasts)!

The one that caught my attention was a very unique toast inspired by the fall season: sweet potato ice cream toast.

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday. What I love about sweet potatoes in Japan is that they’re purple with yellow filling instead of brown and orange like in America. It sure is a whole different world out here!

The toast was absolutely scrumptious–freshly baked that morning with the perfect amount crispness in every bite. The sweet potato was also softly baked and topped with just a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream with cinnamon sprinkled on it. It was absolutely amazing! Perfect for this beautiful fall weather (in December, nonetheless).

Eager for more, I then decided to go for the vegetable curry toast. Given that the average one costs around 500 yen–well worth the price for the quality, in my opinion–you can eat 2 toasts and become pretty full.

Once again, I was amazed at the creativity and flavor that was packed into this bread. The curry wasn’t very spicy and had a pleasant mild taste. I wasn’t sure exactly what vegetables they chose to use, but I tasted carrots and green peppers. This tasted even better than hummus spread to me!

Next time you rise and grind in Tokyo, be sure to treat yourself to that bread. You can’t go wrong here at LeBRESSO (- Product of Japan -).

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