The Best Mixology Bar in Tokyo: Bar Benfiddich

If you are looking for a unique bar experience with no menu but endless possibilities, Bar Benfiddich in Shinjuku, Tokyo is the bar for you.  With a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, chocolates, herbs, and spices, mixology master Hiroyasu Kayama will whip up amazing cocktails with ingredients you’ve never even thought of trying before.  I’ve been to this bar a total of three different times and have never once been disappointed.

A bashful Snorlax won at the game center nearby sips on some fine scotch at the bar counter.  His look says it all.

On my first time there, I decided to request something fruity with vodka as the base.  The bartender pulled out a basket of fruit and I selected strawberries and bananas for my cocktail.  He also mixed in some chocolate to give it a nice kick. In addition to that, you can choose from the selection of bottles on the wall or ask for something specific if you have anything in mind.  Chances are this bar will have it or will be able to create something similar, plus they have their own array of homemade liquors that will make for quite the evening out.

If you come to this bar, be sure to come early because it opens at 7pm and usually fills up before 10pm.  There are now 2 floors in the same building available for seating, but I would still try to come ahead of time because reservations are generally not accepted.

Though Japan is full of bars due to the loose liquor laws, your efforts for coming to this bar in particular will be rewarded with some of the most elegant drinks you’ve ever had!  Be sure to bring at least 6000 yen with you so you can sample more than one.


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