“Cube” by Manabu Koga at Clear Art Gallery Tokyo


By capturing photos of scuba diving models underwater and using editing software to place different angles of them within cubes from a unique point of view, artist Manabu Koga combined two of his major passions (both swimming and plastic models) with his latest artistic work “Cube“.

Displayed at Clear Gallery Tokyo in Roppongi from May 17 – June 15, 2019, this was a free exhibit that thoroughly showed the process in which these works were created.  In addition to several portraits that were hung on the wall, a detailed movie was displayed on a projector showcasing all of the models that participated, and also how the images were placed to make this highly aesthetic cube:

The short movies of each model were really fun to watch, because it was evident that each girl had her own individual style and attitude she put on for the shoot.  Photo books and magazines of Koga’s past works were also available for browsing.

This gallery was small in size, but was one of the striking galleries I have seen in Tokyo.  I very much enjoyed seeing the unlikely combination of kneesocks and athletic swimsuits being paired together.  I would love to try modeling for or shooting a future project like this in the future, and I look forward to seeing more of Koga’s art!

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