Tentacle Bento at Awajiya

There’s nothing quite like a jar of tentacles and rice to start your day!  This ひっぱりだこ飯  (Hipparidako Rice) is available for 1,080 yen at bento stands found in Japan Railway stations called Awajiya.  They contain octopus tentacles in addition to vegetables, conger eel, and seasoning.  The best part is you get to keep the jar when you finish it.  Please try it if you get the chance, because the texture and freshness of the tentacles is unrivaled!

5 thoughts on “Tentacle Bento at Awajiya

      1. I’m going to Kyoto at the end of the month so I’ll try it, I can’t wait 😊. Just arrived in Tokyo

      2. Welcome here!! Hope you enjoy your stay. You came an a good time! Next week on Monday is a national holiday called Umi no hi (Marine Day) so you might see some celebrations going on!

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