Botanist Cafe: Very Aesthetic Smoothies

Continuing the sunflower theme from the last post, here is a very aesthetic sunflower smoothie I had at the newly opened Botanist Cafe in Tokyo:

I had originally walked by this cafe in Omotesando, and watched a video from Red Duck Post that claimed that these smoothies were “anti-aging” and and figured that this was just another big marketing ploy for this shop to sell their beauty products, but I was pleasantly surprised. This smoothie was absolutely delicious!

Composed with pineapple, tiny pieces of crushed cookies, a surprise layer of caramel chips, and what appeared to be some type of whipped cream–I truly enjoyed eating it!

It was a bit expensive (maybe around 1000円) but fun just for the experience, and the service was fantastic too. I’m naturally drawn to aesthetic things, so I’m happy I tried this!

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